They say women who workout 20 min or more have a higher sex drive…that is far too true and I never imagined that as a survivor of multiple sexual assualts, I’d be in a marriage where I’m the one nagged for some nocturnal workouts more often. It’s weird and I’m actually proud because I never thought I’d be able to get married, let alone enjoy sex after the things I’ve endured.

Sorry if that seems like TMI, but I feel like I’ve won a battle.

livetoinspireco tagged me in the 6 selfies thing. I’m having a very shitty, anxiety attack filled day, so I picked six photos I like and one of me and my friend who survived her second bout of cancer. Trying to think of happy things to calm my system down.

Stress has me down to 123lbs. :( I want to get back to 132lb, like I was in the top right photo.